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7 Essential Oils for Improving Mental Clarity

1. Rosemary: Rosemary is thought to stimulate the brain and improve mental Rosemary-7560performance.

2. Peppermint: Peppermint oils are known to relieve mental fatigue, enhance alertness and enhance memory.

3. Lemon: The uplifting aroma of lemon has been known to enhance mental clarity and reduce sad feelings.

4. Eucalyptus: The essential oil of eucalyptus is most commonly used to assist in clear breathing. It is also used to relieve head pain and mental fatigue.

5. Lavender: One of the most widely used essential oils, lavender is uplifting and relaxing.

6. Thyme: The essential oil of thyme may help improve memory and concentration. It has also been know to relax the nervous system.

7. Sandalwood: Sandalwood is often used to calm the nerves and induce relaxation. It has very spiritually warming properties.

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