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How Much Money is Too Much?

MoneyHave you ever asked yourself that question?

I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately.  How much is too much, or how much is just enough?  It’s so different for everyone.

Is an extra $1,000 per month enough for you?

How about an extra $3,000 a month?

How about $5,000 a month?  Is it starting to get exciting now?

Now really go big and start thinking about $10,000 per month, automatically deposited each and every month.  Is this enough?

I’m going to ask you now to take a really big leap of faith and start thinking in terms of $20,000 per month.  Is this more than enough to cover your bills and allow you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

Now imagine that on the 15th of every month, just like clockwork, you had a deposit into your checking account of $50,000!  I know that very few people have that much overhead.  So, my question is this; if you have $50,000 per month every single month deposited into your checking account, aside from they toys you may want to purchase that you’ve deprived yourself of for years, or the dream vacation or honeymoon you never got to have, what greater purpose could you serve with some of the extra?  Remember, there is no shortage here, this will continue the rest of your life.

Have you dreamed of helping to rescue animals, feed the hungry, help prevent child slavery, help impoverished children get an education, travel to foreign countries and help build homes or shelters.  There are countless number of people and animals in need.

When there is more than enough, what would you like to do to “pay it forward?”

This video opened my mind even more.  I’m still searching for my greater cause and know the moment I find it, there will be absolutely no questioning it.

Network Marketing makes these figures entirely doable.  I know so many people making 5 to 6 figures every single month and when you find one that resonates with you and serves a greater purpose, you can’t help but take action.   E-mail me to learn about the opportunity that called to me and why I’m so passionate about it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and welcome your comments!

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