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Your Food Could Be Killing You!

FarmFor 30 years, Monsanto has known that Glyphosate (in Roundup) causes tumours. Yes, it’s in your food.

from video:
27:23 Dr. Samsel: “…I asked the Environmental Protection Agency for Monsanto”s trade secret documents. Most of the approval process was based on studies that Monsanto had done by outside contractors and then those studies were given to the EPA for review so that they could establish up a “no observable effect” limit for the chemical Glyphosate. …I wanted access to those documents so that I could get in depth as to what the agency knew, what Monsanto knew about Glyphosate….”

30:06 Dr. Samsel: “I’ve been going through, there’s some 12 to 14 documents in the file. They represent thousands and thousands of pages of data on studies that were done on laboratory animals. What I was amazed at was that Monsanto knew in 1981 that Glyphosate caused adenomas and carcinomas in the rats that they studied.”

34:24 Dr. Mercola: “How do those doses done in those rat studies that you just described compare to the typical expose that humans encounter in their foods that they’re getting in the grocery store?.”

34:38 Dr. Samsel: “You’ll find comparable levels in wheat, in sugar, corn, soy.”

35:52 Dr. Samsel: “The testicular growths that they found weren’t the main ones. The highest incidence of tumerogenic growth occurred in the pituitary gland. The second highest levels were in the breasts of the female rats, in the mammary glands. Then third highest level was found in the testicles of male rats and then the fourth was the kidneys…

53:33 Dr Mercola: “This is criminal, what they are doing. It’s absolutely criminal. They’re withholding data that it knows is causing tumors in the majority of animals that its exposed to. And they knew this over 30 years ago and yet they fund PR agencies, they literally pay them 10s of millions of dollars to spread the myth that there has never been a documented study done to support any toxicity from this product.

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