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September Essential Oil Give-A-Way

Ahhh, the crisp aroma of grapefruit. . .  This oil brings us to honoring the body. I always feel grapefruit-dietwith the change of seasons it’s time to pay special attention to our bodies and give them extra nourishment. The change of seasons is also a most excellent time for a cleanse. Grapefruit has some amazing characteristics to help you drop some unwanted pounds and so much more emotionally.

Grapefruit teaches respect and appreciation for the physical body. It supports those who struggle to honor their bodies and are caught in patters of mistreatment. These forms of abuse may include severe dieting, judging one’s body weight or type and abusing the body through negligent behavior or violence.

Grapefruit oil is often misused in overly strict dietary and weight-loss programs. The reason this oil helps curb emotional eating is because it encourages a positive relationship with one’s physical body based on love, tolerance and acceptance. It encourages integrity by respecting your physical needs. This oil assists you in listening to your true physical needs and impulses. It also assists in taking responsibility for what you feel.

Grapefruit teaches you that no amount of food can fill a hole in the heart – only love can do that. As you take ownership of your feelings and get the help you need in addressing them, you no longer have a need to hide your feelings behind food, body abuse, strict regimens, eating disorders or other forms of addiction.

The emotion of hate for the body can can become trapped in the Gall Bladder and cause ailments related to that organ.  Anxiousness over your appearance can become trapped in the spleen or stomach area and contribute to ailments in those areas as well.

If you are experiencing these emotions, you can see how they could affect your health and obviously your emotional wellness.

Because I care about the health and wellness of everyone, I am giving this oil away to 3 people this month.  Enter to win a free 15 ML bottle here. Winners will be announced via e-mail on October 3, 2016.

If you’d like to work on clearing these emotions from your body, please visit my section on Emotion Code for Emotional Healing.

To Your Emotional & Physical Health!


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