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Family2Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  I hope your visit will be informing and life changing.

I am a wife, mother of 2 and also have 2 darling grand children.  My four-legged friends include 2 Malti-poo’s and Golden a Retriever.

I started this site because of my recent bout with Lyme’s Disease and my struggle to regain my health and my life.  Through the course of my illness, I have chosen to use all natural products to aid in my journey to wellness.  Essential Oils have been one of my chosen tools.

Through the process of overcoming this illness, I realized I had a strong passion to start something new.  A new business, a new venture in life.  The problem was replacing the income I was accustomed to making wouldn’t be easy.

I now know without question that if you are looking for a change yourself, a business that offers you the ability to help others regain their health, offers financial freedom that you could have never dreamed of, offers you the ability to work from anywhere in the world and be location independent, you will want to join me and my amazing partners to help you create the life you’ve always wanted.

If you’re not yet familiar with Essential Oils, I invite you to experience their powers, how they can improve your Immune System, aid in recovery from the common cold, flu, help with emotional stresses, improve the lives and health of your pets, and some other pretty miraculous accounts.

When I began using Essential Oils and Natural Healthcare in 2011, I had no desire to do the “business.”  However, after learning about the amazing benefits of these products, I couldn’t help but share it with others.  Once they started realizing the personal benefits and also wanted their own wholesale account, it became clear that I needed to learn a bit more about structuring the business side.  Besides, who doesn’t love residual income!

It has now become my passion and goal to help others with not only their health, but to also share the possibilities of financial freedom.  For me, financial freedom is not only monetary, but the ability to work from anywhere in the world and help others anywhere in the world.  No longer am I confined to my house, office or State or Country for that matter.  I can share my experience and the experiences of others anytime. . . anywhere.  That to me is true freedom!

So how does it work?  The company I chose, like most Natural Wellness companies depend on their Advocates to share the product.  They don’t have the deep pockets that the pharmaceutical companies do.  It’s up to each one of us to share with others.  This is called Network Marketing, or Word of Mouth Marketing.  Because of this, they have set up a very rewarding Compensation Plan.  For detailed information feel free to e-mail me.

What I love is that the earning potential is endless!  I would be happy to spend some time explaining in further detail. Just drop me an e-mail to get started right away. Click here for amazing benefits of joining my team this month or complete this brief Business Application and I’ll contact you to schedule an appointment.

There’s fewer things more rewarding than helping others and making a living at it!

I’d love to hear from you and welcome your feedback!

To Your Health!

Kandy Clayton

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