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Protective Blend – The Oil of P...

Protective Blend – The Oil of Protection

This combination of oils is generally used to shield individuals from environmental threats. However, the benefits extend beyond the physical level by aiding in warding off energetic vampires, domineering personalities and other negative influences. The Protective Blend strengthens one’s immune system, which governs the ability to defend against attacks from physical pathogens and negative energies. […]

Peppermint – The Oil of a Buoya...

Peppermint – The Oil of a Buoyant Heart

Peppermint is considered the Oil of a Buoyant Heart. It brings joy and buoyance to the heart and soul. It invigorates body, mind and spirit and reminds individuals that life can be happy and there is nothing to fear. It lifts an individual out of their emotional trials for a short reprieve. When an individual […]

Wild Orange – The Oil of Abunda...

Wild Orange – The Oil of Abundance

Wild Orange inspires abundance, creativity, supports positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transitions. It also reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy and play into one’s life. Wild Orange encourages individuals to let go of scarcity mindsets with all of their manifestations, including: fear, nervousness, inflexibility, workaholic, lack of […]

Your Food Could Be Killing You!

Your Food Could Be Killing You!

For 30 years, Monsanto has known that Glyphosate (in Roundup) causes tumours. Yes, it’s in your food. from video: 27:23 Dr. Samsel: “…I asked the Environmental Protection Agency for Monsanto”s trade secret documents. Most of the approval process was based on studies that Monsanto had done by outside contractors and then those studies were given […]

How Much Money is Too Much?

How Much Money is Too Much?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately.  How much is too much, or how much is just enough?  It’s so different for everyone. Is an extra $1,000 per month enough for you? How about an extra $3,000 a month? How about $5,000 a month?  Is it […]

7 Million-Dollar Habits of the Super ...

7 Million-Dollar Habits of the Super Successful

I found this excellent article originally posted by Joel Brown and wanted to share it with you. Habit 1: Write Your “To-Do List,” The Night Before The high achievers would write their to-do’s every evening before dinner or bed so they were prepared for the following day. Prioritizing your “To-Do” list is the key to productivity success. Action step: […]

Essential Oils for Weight Management

Essential Oils for Weight Management

One of my favorites, Dr. Axe discusses the top 3 oils for weight loss.  A great product is one that contains all these oils and a couple more is the Metabolic Blend a/k/a Slim & Sassy.  It’s an amazing blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils. Just add 8 drops to 16 oz. […]

Buckets & Pipelines

Buckets & Pipelines

There was a man who lived in a village that was two miles from the nearest water source. His job was to haul buckets of water to the village every day. Since everyone needed water he had perfect job security. To earn more money, he would simply make more trips. After years of hauling buckets […]

7 Essential Oils for Improving Mental...

7 Essential Oils for Improving Mental Clarity

1. Rosemary: Rosemary is thought to stimulate the brain and improve mental performance. 2. Peppermint: Peppermint oils are known to relieve mental fatigue, enhance alertness and enhance memory. 3. Lemon: The uplifting aroma of lemon has been known to enhance mental clarity and reduce sad feelings. 4. Eucalyptus: The essential oil of eucalyptus is most […]

Top 4 Uses for Rosemary Essential Oil

Top 4 Uses for Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is one of the most powerful herbs and essential oils on the planet. Rosemary has a woody, evergreen like scent and is part of the mint family. In recent research, it’s been shown to boost nerve growth factor and support the healing of neurological tissue and brain function. Native to the Mediterranean, the wooded […]

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