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Emotion Code for Children

ChildrenWe often think of children as innocent beings who are pure light and have yet to acquire the excess baggage that we have acquired through our years as an adult.  Sadly, our children also have emotions that they need help with as well.  Releasing these trapped emotions may lead to happier, more productive relationships and overall well-being in the years to come.

Children are more aware of energies around them than adults are, and every thing is energy. It is as they grow up, that children take on the beliefs and limitations of everyone else, and slowly begin to become less aware of their innate ability to sense and feel energies.

The Emotion Code is based on the fact that everything is energy, including our emotions. These emotions can become trapped anywhere in our body, and they can then “interfere” with the energy of our body. It is as if the tissues in which the trapped emotions are trapped, take on the frequency of the the emotion rather then being the frequency it is meant to be. As a result, this can impact the way that the tissue functions. Releasing the trapped emotion, using the Emotion Code allows the tissue to come back to it’s own frequency and “health”.

We have the ability to test trapped emotions in our children’s bodies that were acquired from other people. Most often when they were in the womb. Usually, these are the mothers emotions during pregnancy, although sometimes they can come from the father or even from somebody else living with the family at the time; like a grandmother, grandfather, or sibling. Although during these releases the acquired trapped emotions are not released from the persons body from where they came from, they will be recognized and identified and can then be released. The release we are facilitating for our children provides an opportunity to deal with our own emotions. Discussing them with our spouse or other people involved can have an effect on our family.

Last but not least, it’s important to recognize our children’s trapped emotions that they collected during birth, school, family events, or any other occasion in their lives. These trapped emotions can have an effect on their behavior and possibly lead to learning difficulties and relationship issues with us. These problems can then become a burden on the relationship between the parents themselves.

Sometimes the “normal” siblings will receive less care and attention from the parents as the difficult child dominates the attention of the parents. Releasing the trapped emotions of this child will bring balance and calmness in the child’s life. This can benefit not just the relationship of the parents, but the whole family.

As demonstrated in these situations, doing Emotion Code releases for our children can greatly help them and at the same time the whole family as well. Family dynamics can be greatly improved and, in the long run, it will be a worthwhile investment.

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