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“Health comes of a Happy Heart and is an Ancient Wisdom of the Women Healers of the happy-heart-kristin-elmquistpast”

Are you longing for more peace, clarity, less pain, more focus, less illness, a happy heart, feelings of joy, not sadness? Are you longing for more Abundance, the ability to forgive, and the ability to create things in your life you never dreamed possible.

It is possible to have all these things?

Not only is it possible, it’s our divine right, it’s the reason we are here to enjoy this beautiful life and prosper!

Get started on clearing your Heart Wall and trapped emotions today. These sessions are also available for children and pets at a reduced rate.  The fee is $59 per 30 minute session (I have broke it down into 30 minute sessions as often the body can release less than 1/2 dozen emotions at any given time).

You also have the option to purchase 3 sessions at a time for $150.  Want to get rid of your Heart Wall?  This can take up to 3-10 session depending on how your body releases. An affordable option to breaking down the wall that will keep you from experiencing much happiness for only $250. You owe it to yourself.

You will need a PayPal Account to book an appointment.

Session Options

Once that’s taken care of you can schedule sessions here at your convenience.

Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions!

To Your Emotional Wellness!


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